New York Divorce Process

Divorce isn’t usually an easy decision, and obtaining one isn’t a simple process. But understanding how to file for divorce in New York—and what to expect during the proceedings—can help to relieve some of the stress associated with getting divorced. Requirements for Getting a Divorce If you wish to file for a divorce in New […]

Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Divorce

If you are considering getting a divorce in New York State, you must give a reason for ending your marriage when you file. Under New York’s Domestic Relations Law, there are seven different reasons, or grounds, for divorce. Irretrievable Breakdown or “No Fault” The newest, and perhaps most commonly used, grounds for divorce in New […]

The Bankruptcy Means Test Explained

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you have probably seen references to the bankruptcy means test as you research your options. But what is the bankruptcy means test? And will you have to take it if you file for bankruptcy? What is the Bankruptcy Means Test? Put simply, the bankruptcy means test is the […]

When Should I File For Bankruptcy?

Past due bills, mounting credit card debt, a recent job loss: if you are struggling with any of these issues, you might have considered filing for bankruptcy. You know the decision to file for bankruptcy shouldn’t be taken lightly. But how do you know if it’s the right choice for you? When It Makes Sense […]

Refinancing After Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Refinancing your mortgage when interest rates are low can help you save money and put yourself on better financial footing. However, are you going to be able to refinance your mortgage if you have recently filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy? How Long Ago Was the Bankruptcy? According to the FHA, filing for bankruptcy doesn’t necessarily […]